KSAWERY SOMINSKI Seeing is forgetting (1923 – 1979) January 2012

KSAWERY SOMINSKI Seeing Is Forgetting (1923 – 1979)
Friday 6 January 2012 – Sunday 15 January 2012**please scroll down for installation photos**

Ksawery Sominski was born in August, 1923 in Milanówek (near Warsaw, Poland) in a polish-jewish family. During the Second World War he was forced to emigrate to Belgium. He graduated there the faculty of history in the Uviversity in Antwerp and the Royal Academy of Art. His first artworks – drawing collages with texts and graphical representations -referred to esthetic of Dadaism. He was especially influenced by its “ready mades”, transforming them into his own artifacts. The spirit of Futurism appears in Sominski’s fascination of technique and machines. In the middle of the sixties he started to create installations composed with many elements (like pictures, objects, photos) related to real events (f.ex. “Planes” 1964, “Zeppelins” 1966). This kind of artworks became the most characteristic for his artistic activity.  After visiting Austria, in 1969, his works became more mystical  and betrayedinterested in paranormal phenomena („Bermuda Triangle“ ,1975, „Death Valley“, 1978). Walking along the fine line between historical truth and fiction he created his own original artistic style. His works were shown at numerous solo and group exhibitions in prestigious galleriesand museums in the world. 

Sominski died in April 1979 in car accident near Rawa Mazowiecka, driving from Graz (Austria) to Warsaw (Poland).